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Bhubaneswar is one of the smart cities of India providing the best diagnostic centres for patients. However, not all can be trusted with the best service quality. To search for a diagnostic centre in Bhubaneswar which suffices expertise in technologies, skilful staff and hygienic atmosphere TruScan Diagnostic Centre is one. TruScan Diagnostic Centre provides with right and accurate diagnosis to make the treatment fluent.

Why TruScan?

Health is the real treasure that can be easily rectified with the right sort of diagnosis at the right time. True experts and high-tech machines are available in TruScan Diagnostic Centre to diagnose patients. The foundation believes in modification and tries to innovate its diagnosis process with the new digital advancement.

A state-of-the-art diagnostic centre in Bhubaneswar, TruScan welcomes their patients and provides a home-like atmosphere to ensure their trust in the experts. With extreme hygiene and COVID-19 measures, they are advancing towards advancement as more and more patients are trusting their foundation. In less than eight months, their operations and service has become popular among the locals.

Best Features of TruScan

  • Advanced machines:

The machines and technologies used for diagnosis are not only effective but preferred by most of the mega hospitals in the country.

  • Cost-effective facilities:

This newly opened diagnostic centre is the best hub for patients who are looking for a reliable diagnosis on an affordable budget.

  • The trust of Doctors:

The grand opening of TruScan Diagnostic Centre on 3rd February 2021 has been a tremendous success as most of the renowned doctors of Odisha and all over India were invited to the inauguration. For them, the trust of doctors increases the trust of patients in their flexible and digital service.

  • Experienced staff:

The committed medical service providers, cardiologists, radiologists, X-Ray specialists and such staff have made the basic foundation of TruScan Diagnostic centre.

Extra Advancement of TruScan

To improve the medical service in Odisha, TruScan diagnosis centre has increased its cleanliness and sanitizing facilities for the safety of its experts and patients. While the COVID-19 has become a threat for the modern Indian population to visit any medical service providing house, TruScan Diagnostic centre has been inspired by the insecurities of patients during the pandemic. A well-structured and broad place for waiting, large and separate rooms of diagnosis, clean and tidy washrooms, sanitized machinery and more gain the trust of doctors and patients for this diagnostic centre of Bhubaneswar. Situated near AIMS Hospital, their services are the choices of many renowned doctors of AIMS and other large hospitals of Bhubaneswar.


CT Scan

TruScan Diagnostic centre is known for its efficient CT scan. They have currently the best radiologist to provide an effective CT scan in all of the Diagnostic centres in Bhubaneswar.

Ultrasound 3D/4D

Any patient of Bhubaneswar looking for a 3D or 4D ultrasound test must take the service of TruScan Diagnostic centre for the best result. With high-tech Ultrasound testing machines and experts, they provide the best service in this field.

Digital X-Ray

Expert technicians and medical staff at TruScan Diagnostic centre unanimously conduct a digital X-Ray for the patients who visit TruScan. Taking their service in this field will be a profitable measure for any patient.


Echocardiography is one of the most critical diagnoses that are efficiently operated in the TruScan Diagnostic centre. Local patients are highly satisfied with their echo test as it is performed by the most renowned cardiologists of Odisha.


Any patients looking for a Diagnostic centre in Bhubaneswar for the best ECG must-visit TruScan Diagnostic centre for their service quality. With accurate results, they never fail to satisfy the patients.

Home Blood collection

Due to COVID-19, most of the diagnostic centre in Bhubaneswar and private collectors have stopped their service. Patients with physical disabilities, elderly patients and such others face extreme difficulties visiting the diagnostic centre for their regular blood tests. TruScan Diagnostic Centre has identified this major problem of local patients and comes to rescue them in such critical situations. They not only offer home blood collection with all the necessary safety measures for the local patients but do not take any extra charges for this service if the patients live within a 3 km radius from the centre. such facilities makesTruScan the best diagnostic centre of Bhubaneswar.


  • Doctor consultation

The patients who visit TruScan Diagnostic centre can consult with the doctors regarding their diagnosis. Regular check-ups of the patients are conducted with the medical suggestions of doctors. Besides, doctors are available in the centre from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. The availability of doctors makes the patients trust the organization further.

  • Home pick up and drop

Besides collecting blood from home, the centre provided home pick up and drop facilities for their disabled patients as well. Besides, TruScan diagnostic centre has modern ambulances with hygienic materials to keep the patients safe.

  • Online report

The availability of online reports by TruScan Diagnostic centre gives the patients a sharp edge for their service. The distant patients can therefore feel free to take their best quality service.

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